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Scalp Acne Getting rid of scalp pimples

Scalp acne, the mildest form of which is also known as scalp folliculitis, occurs more frequently than most people realize. Just about everyone knows what acne is and that it commonly breaks out on the face, chest, arms and on the back. But acne also appears on other parts of the body as well, and unless you're someone with acne in one of these 'other' areas, you may not have realized this. They are marked by smaller pustules close to the hairline adjacent to the temple. However, the severity of it sometimes exceeds beyond what is expected. And in that case they need exhaustive medical supervision.

Necrotica miliaris occurs when the acne condition is aggravated due to bacterial buildup. Propionibacterium acnes is the name of that bacterial microorganism that resides on our skin surface. Sebum or body oil is the substance they feed on. Therefore the clogged hair follicles, filled with trapped body oil or sebum, become their target.

Once they are in, they start metabolizing on the abundant amount of sebum and proliferate there. This bacterial buildup is the chief reason why inflammation occurs within the affected skin pores. This type of severe forms of inflamed scalp acne is also triggered by the same bacterial formation. When scalp acne is mild, these appear as small, sore and crusty and appear mainly on upper forehead at the hairline.

Some people have many pustules on the hairline and some have few depending on the skin type. The most severe form of scalp acne is known as acne necrotica miliaris which appears as inflamed larger papules which is black in color. It is very easy to handle and treat mild type of scalp acne, which usually gets cure with the help of some over the counter medications. But for a more severe type it is recommended to consult a dermatologist.

A safe way of treating scalp acne is by keeping hair clean and oil free. Also it is a good idea to follow a well balanced diet that has enough fresh fruit and vegetables. Avoiding too many fatty foods containing oils and drinking a lot of water is also useful for treating scalp acne. Dealing with scalp acne means dealing with oily hair.

Acne in and around the scalp could be managed to a large extent by washing off the accumulated oil and other malicious substances from the scalp and hair strands on regular basis. Rinse off your hair normally once in every 2 or 3 days with some good conditioner based shampoo. Take care of the dandruffs, if you have any, with some good antidandruff shampoo along with some good conditioner. If your scalp is already damaged by acne lesions then always go for mild a shampoo. Dermatological supervision and rigorous medical care becomes the only resort for those who, in spite of trying out every means of getting rid of acne on their scalps, remain in vein. Stubborn cases are usually dealt with oral antibiotics like tetracycline.

Clindamycin and erythromycin are also used topically on the affected scalp areas. Mild steroids are topically applied in some exceptional cases in order to derive a quicker and more effective output. Isotretinoin is a very popular medicine for dealing with this acne on the scalp. In the more severe cases, the best advice is to see a dermatologist.

These people are the only ones that can teach you what to do when you have to deal with severe scalp acne. A product that should be avoided, when wanting to treat scalp acne is benzoyl peroxide. This substance causes hair to change color, so you may find yourself with a weird looking hair in the end. This is especially forbidden when you have a permanent treatment done to your hair or you have it color treated.

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