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How to eat without fat

"Fat" This word is a very big problem and harms all women's heart in this age. Even if all of them try to find many way to loss weight, Get in Fitness course, take the medicine (fat drug) but it seems this way have effective not so long and then the abdominal fat will be back to be with you again. Infact!!! We have no necessary to find any complicated solution or spent more money to loss weight. Just all of you start to pay attention on your daily eating.

Because if you still lost in fitness course or take fat drug but don't care about your eating so there's no any solution in this world can help you have shapely body. The person who used to get fat said they have plan low-calorie menu to control themselves in advance everyday. This way makes them take the delicious and low calorie food without any anxious. You should drink 1-2 glass of water on you each meal because it does help you to feel full stomach quickly. If your favor foods have more calories and you can't stand to keep watching them anymore so it's ok if you need to eat them but this should be in the proper quantity. And don't try to buy them a lot and keep them in your house because you will eat them all in finally.

Somebody said brushing teeth before eating is a way to help to loss weight also!!! Because this way will make your food taste has changed. And another way to help you diet is you have to try to avoid any dinner with your buddy because they will make you diet aim go failure but change the point to go to see the movie, listen to the music or go to fitness is better!!!! Food selection is very import thing to do!!! If there's calorie detail has mention on the food product, so you can check the detail and choose for the low calorie product. Example: the products identify show they have 5 calorie per gram.

If this product have net weight at 500 gram it means we will get total 2500 calories from this product. Do not ever think its only 5 calorie!!! Some beverage and mineral have been contained of syrup or sweetener to make them have a good taste so it will be better if you can change to drink only fruit juices or water that without of sugar instead. And please remember that the top best foods that you can eat without limit are vegetable and fruit.

Tableware that you use everyday also helps you to loss weight!!! The small bowl will make food look have a lot and the small spoon will extend the time longer on your eating. Slow down your chewing is another way to decrease your consume needed. After finish your meal, do not try to sit and lie down immediately but you should walk to digest and burn your calories. You can try this way to bring you success on diet program. Your consume behavior control is an actual way to help you to diet but you should go to exercise also, then you can have shapely body and more healthy at the same time. Then "Fat" will not be the point for you anymore!!!! Copyright (c) 2008 John Nolan.

John Nolan www.girlygroovy.com

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