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Fitness Sins and How to Reduce Their Consequences

If you were to describe yourself today, you would say that you are a mature adult, who watches his diet, does not abuse his body, lives healthy and tries to stay fit. But would this same description be used if you were asked now to describe yourself when you were a teenager? In case you remember that you used to drink and eat whatever and whenever, stayed under the sun without protecting your skin for hours, or smoked a lot, then you should be aware of the outcomes your reckless behavior might have today to your "new and improved" self. Thus, if you are curious whether or not your past "sins" have destroyed any chance you have to live longer and enjoy a healthier lifestyle, you should read this article and see what you can do to rectify the mistakes of your past. Have you been performing any express weight-loss diets? If the answer is yes, then you probably remember that as soon as you stopped, you managed to gain back the lost weight and added a few extra pounds on top. There is no use in starving your body by putting your organism through these extreme types of diets. Instead of helping yourself become fit, you actually destroy your metabolism and loose muscle tissue rather than that unwanted fat.

If you do need to loose weight, follow a balanced diet and ask for an expert's help. By consuming daily 15 percent of proteins, 30 percent of fats and 55 percent of carbohydrates, you provide your body with all the necessary ingredients to continue working smoothly and function normally. Have you been sitting under the sun without protecting your skin? In case this rings a bell, you should know by now, that this can one of those "deadly" sins you should definitely avoid in the future. Aging marks, skin cancers, and a variety of color differentiations on the surface of your skin can be caused by over-exposing your bare skin to the sun's harmful UV radiation without wearing any protection.

Instead of panicking, you should remember to avoid the sun between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m.

and always wear a sunscreen lotion suitable for your skin type. Sitting under umbrellas, drinking a lot of water, and wearing hats, can all save you from dehydration and ensure you a healthier way of living. Have you been smoking? Perhaps, although you are familiar with all the negative implications of smoking, you still visit the smokers' section of your local bar, if that still exists in your area. Well, in case you have not yet quit smoking, this is the time to do it. Apart from the numerous health problems you might suffer from as an outcome of your "innocent" habit, smoking can reduce your chances of living longer and being fit.

If during the last basketball or racquet match you had to stop to catch your breath, while all your non-smoking friends were able to continue without experiencing any kind of discomfort, you are in the edge of personally experiencing the negative outcomes of continuing such a bad habit. People that have quitted smoking for a period of 5 to 15 years successfully minimized the risk of suffering from lung cancer or heart attack and can be compared with someone who has never tasted a cigarette in his or her life. According to scientists, cutting smoking before the age of 39 can increase your life expectancy level up to 5 years if you are a man and up to 3 years if you are a woman. Although quitting can be difficult and deprivation symptoms can occur for a short while, you should not think twice before putting an end to this today.

Staying fit for longer is directly related to your ability to stop this nasty habit of yours, right now.

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