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Diabetes And Alcohol Consumption

Finding out that you have diabetes is initially difficult to come to terms with. As there is no cure for diabetes you must come to terms with the fact that you will have the disease for the rest of your life and your lifestyle will change accordingly. In order to treat diabetes you will have to check your blood sugar level each and every day.

You will either have to inject insulin or take some form of medication to make the body more responsive to insulin. Above all, you should try to get more exercise and control what you eat and drink. Watching what you eat and drink is probably one of the hardest things to get used to when you have diabetes because for most people eating is a very enjoyable experience.

However once you have adapted to having diabetes, you will find that meal planning is actually quite easy. One thing that many people wonder about is how alcohol and diabetes go together or maybe they don't go together. This article will cover diabetes and alcohol consumption.

How alcohol affects the body and how you can consume alcohol moderately if you have diabetes. In reality, there is no problem having the odd alcoholic drink from time to time if you are diabetic. However consuming alcohol is akin to taking in empty calories. In other words, alcohol has no nutritional benefit even though it puts lots of calories into the body.

This can make it hard to control the blood sugar level in the body. It may also lead to weight gain which can worsen or increase any diabetic complications. When you consume alcohol your liver temporarily suspends making glucose and starts to remove the alcohol from your bloodstream instead. It is estimated to take around 2 hours for one ounce of alcohol to be completely metabolized depending on body size, weight and physical fitness.

When this happens there is a chance that the blood sugar level could drop to a point where the person becomes hypoglycemic. A person that is hypoglycemic will feel lethargic or could pass out. This is why people often advise never to drink on an empty stomach. Alcohol and diabetes can be controlled if you eat a small meal or snack before starting to drink. This will allow the liver to create some glucose and it will enter the bloodstream before any alcohol enters the body. This should ensure that a person doesn't get hypoglycemic.

If you take any medication for diabetes then you shouldn't drink until around 2 hours afterwards. Avoid drinking excessively. Apart from the negative affects that alcohol can have on your body, it will make it harder for you to keep a constant blood sugar level. Keeping your blood sugar level constant is important over time because it decreases the chances of diabetic complications, like poor circulation, nerve damage and cardiovascular problems occurring. Having a glass or two of wine with dinner is perfectly ok.

Drinking alcohol as part of a celebration is also fine. As you become more experienced with diabetes you will know when you have taken on too much alcohol.

Learn more about health problems caused by type 2 diabetes and how the diabetes glycemic food index can help you create diabetic meal plans.

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