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Best Weight Loss Tip One Could Ever Have

Now before you get all giggly and excited like schoolgirls for the best weight loss tip, I would like to share an observation which is crucial for anybody looking to lose weight. Its a titanic struggle for most people. Thats how Id describe the process of losing weight.

One common pattern for these people is to hate and detest their bodies.so much that if they can take a lance and cut it off on the spot, they would!

They cant keep their eyes and minds off of their bulging waistlines, and WORSE, they live their lives as reclusive as they can.away from people. Partly, the people who constantly laugh and taunt them for their disproportionate figures are responsible.

Mostly, you are RESPONSIBLE. By hating a part of you, you are multiplying the magnitude of their taunts making everything harder for you.

You MUST know how to accept that fat-dense part of your body as your own if youre going to see others accept you. This is where the best weight loss tip comes: accept your figure and plan how to lose weight NOT for others satisfaction.BUT for you!

So youre saying its impossible: Two people Ive encountered say otherwise through their actions. It was only after realizing the weight loss tip Ive mentioned above that they became successful in applying their how to lose weight regimen.

Example No One: My Math Teacher

Back in college, I had a Math professor who was being taunted all the time (behind her) by students and fellow teachers alike. The way they laugh, the way they mocked her - it soon became unbearable and she finally decided to start going to the gym and GREATLY cut down her food intake. It seems that she has everything she needs to successfully slim down - access to the gym, an instructor to guide her, a diet plan to follow, BUT one thing is missing.

She lacks the right mindset and motivation to lose weight. Shes undergoing a weight loss regimen NOT because she knows its for her good BUT because she wanted to please the people around her. It wasnt long after the whole process stressed and burnt her out. Needless to say, shes back to her old and uninhibited habit of eating excessively and living a desk-bound life - no progress, no pounds lost whatsoever.

It was only after enduring another 9 months of carrying her heavy and fat-dense body did she realize that her lifestyle, her figure is NOT healthy. NOW she is determined NOT to please her co-workers or students, BUT her purpose instead is to be healthy and to live a longer and fitter life.

Thats a more powerful and positive mindset everyone should have when looking how to lose weight.

The result: With the correct mindset, she was able to slowly but surely slim down in less than a year.

Example Number 2: My Neighbor

I had a neighbor whos been someone Im close to - more of like a motherly-figure that I always have niceties and pleasantries with.

To be honest, she is obese, and VERY strange, too! Shes eccentric in a way that she wouldnt allow others outside her circle of friends to take a picture of her. BUT on the other hand, she allows her family and people close to her to do so.


Because she knows that no matter how she looks, these people love her and wont laugh at her picture. And if ever next morning shes gone, she will be remembered as someone who was loved and loved in turn.and NOT through her figure.

Keep this in mind: the best weight loss program is NOT just about having the best weight loss regimen or best weight loss instructor. You MUST be able to cope up with being overweight within you. Lose weight NOT for others satisfaction BUT for your own good and health.

Have that and youre sure to see those unwanted fats out of youre body. Thats the best weight loss tip one could ever have.


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