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All about Homemade Vaporizers and Handheld Vaporizers

Vaporizers are all the rage amongst those who are desirous to keep themselves away from the ill-effects of stultifying smoking. As, it is a well known fact that vaporizer heats the herbs rather than burning them, so vaporizations produces only harmless and pure and healthy vapor to be inhaled by the users. Vapor that is inhaled is free from tar and toxins. On the market place, many types of vaporizers are available. Types of the vaporizers depend upon their heating methods. Here, there is a short description of the distinction between handheld vaporizers and homemade vaporizers.

Handheld vaporizers This vaporizer is all the rage amongst the admirers of hassle-free and portable vaporizers. They are not only easier to use but also allows one the flexibility of use in case of more than one user. The VAPIR unit and the handheld conductive style vaporizer better known as the BC Vaporizer are the two most popular handheld vaporizers. Though, the VAPIR unit is more expensive and complex, it is last word in the world of handheld convection vaporizer.

The price of the Vapir unit ranges from $150 - $199. All the VAPIR units, be it Vapir 1 and Vapir 2, provide one with outstanding value for money and quality. As for the BC handheld vaporizer, they are not only small in size and simple to use but also very cost effective. They use the premier quality of heating system. The price of this unit is just more than $ 100. Because of its compactibility and ease of use, the BC handheld vaporizer is day by day getting more and more popular.

Homemade vaporizers Homemade vaporizers are made at home, as their name suggest it. There is no need of any particular tools and technology to make it. All the required input material is also easily available at home. Earlier, by making use of the old technology of burning the herbs or plants to take out vapors from them, homemade vaporizers were made. Now, they can be made using ordinary things such as old bottles, light bulbs, rubber tubes any pipe sort of item and the like.

Homemade vaporizers vs. handheld vaporizers Sometimes home made vaporizer proves to be unsafe. With homemade vaporizers there are chances of health hazard in various ways. But as for handheld vaporizer, they are safe, cheap and portable. Therefore, a branded handheld vaporizer as opposed to a homemade vaporizer is always preferable.

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